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Baltic Sea Championships 2010, Rauma, Finland


BSC / NC 2007, Kustavi






        Baltic Sea Championships 2007

        Nordic Championships 2007


                PM / Itämeri 2007 sanoin, kisa reportaasi (only finish)




Kustavi is an active County with many currently active development projects and the County is famous for its natural beauty and many islands.
Kustavi is located in the Turku Archipelago with a road connection to the mainland via Kaitaisten bridge (built in 1982).The distance to Turku is 69 kilometres and there are convenient ferry connections both to the islands of Aland and Iniö.Vartsala ferry operates between Kivimaa and Vartsala on regular basis. Kustavi is also a very popular summer cottage and tourist County.There are 2965 summer cottages and the population of the County grows tenfold during the summer months. According to the map, there are over 2000 islands and smaller islets. The Susiluoto Coast Guard Station and the Kustavi Customs Station are located in Kustavi County.Kustavi County is a part of the so called Vakka-Suomi County group.



Services offered by the Kustavi County are developed constantly. Lower level high school and the local health centre have been renovated recently and the library has been enlarged. Kustavi County also has its own day care centre and a service centre for the elderly. Considering the fact that the population of Kustavi is 930 a large number of different services for businesses are available. Guest harbours, restaurants, accommodation services, hand craft shops and many other businesses offer their services to local inhabitants, summer guests and tourists.



The summer season in Kustavi is very busy and there are many happenings, e.g. the Volter Kilpi literature week in July and Lohimarkkinat (Salmon fare) in the beginning of August.



Kustavi County is currently selling land for private housing and summer cottages. Land areas are located close to the sea. The TE-centre (Employment and Economic Development Centre) gives investment support (approximately 24%) and the County has a selection of suitable land areas for commercial use. Boating and fishing are popular hobbies. There are also many active associations operating in the Kustavi County area.


The Big bang in Kustavi

                    7.-8. september 2007


                    Baltic Sea Championships 2007

                Nordic Championships 2007


                Spearfishing BSC 2007 / NC 2007 competitons in Kustavi, Finland.


                    Countries invited: Finland (host) (9+1 person), Norway(9+1), Denmark(9+1), Estonia(3+1), Latvia(3+1), Lithuania(3+1), Russia(3+1), Poland(3+1).

                    There will be like 50 competitors.  Maybe Sweden and Germany is also in competition too ???


                Invite (pdf document)


                Program (pdf document)               


                    Competition fee

                       Nordic countryes, NO fee. (Norway, Denmark, Finland).

                            Other baltic countryes  40 € / team.


                   Tour days:      

                            Boat transportation for practising days must be reserved before 10th august from organisers.
                            The price for boat hire depends on time the boat is used.
                            Organizers cannot guarantee that every team will get their own motorboat for practising.
                            Motorboat rent is 50€ / day + fuel 95E, 2%oil mix. (Own risk for propeller is 70 €.)

                            Also possible rent big boats, one is for 10 persons rent is 50 € / hour. For two or several teams.
                            Bigger boat is for 50 persons rent is 90 € / hour.
                            in Pleikilä is also possible to launch own boat.




                    We recomend this one: 

                    Kustavi´s holidayservices.  (Kustavin lomapalvelut)

                    Address: Maanpääntie 2, Kustavi, Finland.  <-- link to map.


                    Cabins   (include: fridge, cooker, coffee-maker, heating system, sheets)

                            -There are, in all 12 cabins

                            -6x 4 per.,     5x 3 per.,   1x 2 persons cabins    

                            -First night 20€/person/night  ( followings nights 15€/person/night).

                   Caravan place

                             -5€/person/night,  plus 10€/caravanvagon or caravancar.


                             -10€/1 person/night .   7,5€/ 2person/night


                    Near to sea (60 meters), sauna, cooking places.

                    You have make your own meals, there is no ordered breakfast etc.

                    Kustavi´s centrum 4 km.

                    Pleikilä 10 km, from there is boat transports to the competition areas.


                    Attention !  the landlord ;)  is NOT speaking english.  Only finish.  So, you have to contact to me via email    tapio.salakari@fma.fi

                    i could take the reservations for you.



                Award ceremony in Villa Volter, Kustavi´s centrum  9.september.  at 20:00 -->22:00



                    Competition area .......................Sea maps.


                    Rules .........................................What u can do, and what u must do ?...


                    Fishes.........................................photos and measurements.


                    Exchange rates...........................money, money, money...

                            -in finland, we use euros ;)


                    Kustavi´s homepage ..................knowledge of Kustavi.

                            -local weather

                            -Approach maps to Kustavi, Finland.



                        - Nice to know places.






                                   Since 1912, allways sharp ;)                     LCD TVs, copy machines, printers, digicameras...   



                               Spearfishig hardware specialist             technical equipment, and special electronics for marine



                     Mobile phones and GPS navigation systems                                All diving suplies


                          Diving systems                   Office materials and logistic                Finnish divers federation



                    Etusivulle, main page.


                    Team kampela's main page




Nordic Championships medal                                                 Nordic Championships TEAM medals            



Baltic Sea Championships medal                                            Baltic Sea Championships TEAM medals 



                The Finnish language brochyre.